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Can’t Afford To Retire? Maybe There’s An Answer!

April 11, 2014

A Reverse Mortgage may be your solution to affording to retire. Read how it made allowed these people to retire.

Beth's Reverse Mortgage Blog

Able to retire with a reverse mortgage With mortgage payments due, retirement funds decreased or decreasing it is harder for seniors to retire.  However, there may be the option to retirement.

Working a 40 hour week at a very physically demanding job, Len continued to work in order to cover their mortgage payments.  After hearing about a reverse mortgage, they contacted me, got educated with the facts and decided to proceed.  Once their reverse mortgage was closed and their conventional mortgage paid off, eliminating mortgage payments Len was able to retire.  With no mortgage payments, he and his wife, Maricarol are now enjoying their retirement, living in their Minnesota retirement home close to their children giving them the opportunity to spend more time with their children and grandchildren.  They said, “Without the reverse mortgage Len would not have been able to retire.”

Trying to make ends meet and make his mortgage payments, Jack is still working.  Having…

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