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Live in & cash out, too – Thanks, MN Good Age

August 4, 2011

Cashing out in your home while living in itAlyson Cummings did a fantastic job on her article in the MN Good Age newspaper, “Live in & cash out, too.”  She had interviewed me a few months ago to learn about reverse mortgages for this article.  She said she couldn’t send me a copy prior to publication so I was nervous on whether she would provide accurate information or stick with the many misstatements that are usually in the media.  Or would she misquote me or print my comments out of context.

With excitement and apprehension I started reading the article the other day when I picked up a copy.  As I read I was pleased to see the acknowledgment and the many quotes.  What was even better was the fact that she did an awesome job providing the facts and quoting me accurately.  I’m proud to have been named and quoted in this article!

Whether you are in Minnesota or elsewhere, this is an article you should read!

Kudos to Alyson Cummings and MN Good Age on an excellent article on reverse mortgages!

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