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“Our Reverse Mortgage Is Great. Gives Us Some Elbow Room.” And More Testimonies by Reverse Mortgage Borrowers

September 25, 2011

"Our Reverse Mortgage Is Great."While some people will say they have heard bad things about reverse mortgages I haven’t been able to get the real definition of “bad” or the reasons behind these statements.  However, actual reverse mortgage borrowers have lots of good things to say about their reverse mortgage.   Let me share some of them here.

“The reverse mortgage has allowed me to be able to breathe again and alleviate $tress” S.R.

“My reverse mortgage gives me financial security due to my fixed income.”

“It was a good experience.  The extra money each month is wonderful.” D.M.

“Since my cash assets have been spent down over twenty years of retirement, it became pertinent that my $750 mortgage payment needed to be ended.  I got this far in life seventy eighty years, without a monthly pension.  Now I have funds to supplement my Social Security Income.” D.W

“It’s great not to have to make mortgage payments.” M.L.

“I did the reverse mortgage to have extra money every month for expenses.  It gives me a little more financial freedom.” J.F..

“After retiring I found that my income was too little for the active life I was used to, with trips to family and a modest vacation each year.  But bills were piling up and I needed a real solution to stay in my home. I have my dignity and security back again.”  E.B.

My reverse mortgage has helped me...“The reverse mortgage allows me to have more means to meet future needs.  Having it has taken some of the fear away that I had for the future” C.G.

“I did the reverse mortgage to pay medical bills, credit cards and other debts.  It has made my life less stressful.” C.J.

“The reverse mortgage has allowed me to stay in my home with comfort to do things with my family.” J.T.

“With joy and delight I have felt hope and even vision anew in knowing that this home belongs to me. It comes with a challenge for me to realize that I am accountable in using these funds to achieve goals otherwise not possible.” B.L.M.

“Affords me the ability to retire and make ends meet.” S.G.

“The Reverse Mortgage helps out a great deal and solves many problems.”  C.C.

“As a senior citizen, I had been having some concerns with my finances.  Being on a limited income made much needed household repairs and property tax payments very difficult to meet.  I was going to have to make a choice soon about whether to continue to live in my house, or move on to an apartment.  The costs of continuing to live in my home were getting beyond my means, but I wasn’t ready to leave the home that I had raised my children in.  I decided t use the equity in my house to make life easier and meet the financial obligations that I had.” S.M.

"Our Reverse Mortgage Allows Us To Travel To Florida Every Year."“We can now continue to travel to Florida every winter.”  L.C.

“A reverse mortgage means I’ll have a place to live even in case of serious illness.”  D.B.

“It helps me keep up with bills I cannot cover with my limited income.  It also allowed me to remodel my home to improve it’s value and be more comfortable.  I greatly appreciate it.”  R.D.

“It is really great not to have to be concerned about where the money will come from for my long term care insurance policy payment and emergency repairs.  It has relieved us of a great deal of stress and makes grocery shopping a lot easier too.”  M.S.

“After six years of non-payment of property taxes, nearly four years of confession of judgement, and the home I had lived in for nearly 69 years within weeks of tax forfeiture, the Reverse Mortgage lender Beth Paterson, I worked with came to the rescue with a Reverse Mortgage.  The property taxes are now current for the first time in a decade, and I have a line of credit of approximately $100,000.”  R.W.J.

“The only way we could comfortably stay in our home of 42 years” S.H.Celebrating having a revese mortgage

“Once we realized that we could only relieve the stress on us by contracting 24-hour nursing care for grandma, a reverse mortgage was the only way to do it.” L.T.

“I didn’t have money to keep up with my living expenses so I did a reverse mortgage.  I paid some bills and my credit cards and have some additional funds for future needs.” J.D.

“The relief I feel from not having to make a mortgage payment each month is so great!  Now that my credit card is paid off, I will only need occasional one-time draws from my Line of Credit. To continue living in my home and travel and pursue some hobbies.” E.B.

Keep these testimonies in mind and share them when you hear reverse mortgages are “bad.”  As you can tell, actual borrowers think they are great!

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