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Be Cautious on Reverse Mortgages… And From Whom You Are Getting Your Reverse Mortgage Information

April 4, 2014

In light of recent misleading information in the media, I am re-posting this article.

Beth's Reverse Mortgage Blog

Proceed with Caution on A Reverse Mortgage & From who You Receive the Information Cautious is defined as showing or using caution; a warning or having alertness or taking care in a situation.  Therefore I feel you should be cautious of the food you are putting in your mouth, the medications you are taking, the safety of the products you purchase, the credit card you are applying for, how you are spending your money, answering the door when you weren’t expecting anyone, purchasing services from the person going door-to-door, the car you are purchasing, the home you are buying. Should you be cautious of reverse mortgages?  Of course you should be cautious of reverse mortgages.  But you also need to be cautious of who you are getting your reverse mortgage information.

State Attorney Generals, politicians and other government agencies are issuing cautions on reverse mortgages.  Some of their advice is good, unfortunately, with many of these “warnings” the information is not accurate.  Their…

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