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Why Choose Reverse Mortgages SIDAC?

Not All Reverse Mortgage Lenders Are The Same…

We are: The Experts Excelling In Service

Although the basic terms of the FHA, Fannie Mae, and proprietary reverse mortgage programs are essentially identical regardless of the lender, we are the lender of choice when compared to others.  Because:

  • Years of expertise, knowledge and experience
  • Meets licensing requirements
  • Meet with you in your home
  • Loans closed in your home
  • Loans are processed faster
  • Loans processed in Minnesota
  • We work “hands on”
  • We pride ourselves on our customer service
  • NO up-front out-of-pocket fees from qualified borrowers other than the appraisal (Appraisal companies require appraisal be paid directly to them)
  • Offering all reverse mortgage programs available in Minnesota
  • Disclose and provide a complete estimate close to the actual fees that will be charged at closing
  • We encourage you to discuss the loan transactions with family and/or trusted advisors as you so choose
  • Highly trained
  • Experienced and known as the experts
  • Integrity, expertise, knowledge, and experience
  • Our clients are treated with respect and dignity
  • We protect your privacy and confidentiality
  • Do not cross-sell other products
  • We adhere to a strict code of conduct – MN Reverse Mortgages SIDAC Code of Conduct; National Reverse Mortgage Lender’s Ethics & Professional Responsibility; ; National Reverse Mortgage Lender’s Pledge to Borrowers; Certified Reverse Mortgage Professionals
  • We pride ourselves as being the best reverse mortgage lender in all counts – expertise, knowledge, experience, performance, service, and value

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Contact us at: or 651-762-9648

A Division of Greenleaf Financial, LLC, NMLS #173899

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