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Reverse Mortgages Give Reasons For Hope

March 20, 2014

Happy Spring! Reflecting on the #hope that Spring brings got me thinking about the reasons the #ReverseMortgage gives hope.

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Reverse Mortgages Provide Hope As I was reflecting on the hope that this season brings I got to thinking about the reasons the reverse mortgage gives hope to seniors.  Here are some of the reasons for hope with a reverse mortgage.  Yes, the list is long but seniors have a long list of wants and needs for hope.  With a reverse mortgage one will be able to:
  • Stay in one’s home where they may have raised their family, are familiar with the neighborhood and their neighbors and where they usually want to remain.
  • Pay off a current mortgage to eliminate the monthly mortgage payments.
  • Save one’s home when faced with foreclosure or tax forfeiture.
  • Have improved cash flow with no monthly mortgage payments.
  •  Have funds for making home improvements or home modifications.
  •  Retire and not feeling like you have to work just to have money to pay the bills.
  •  Have cash flow to be…

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